Chiltepin in 3 gallon pot

Chiltepin in 3 gallon pot

Very dificult to grow from seed. Capsicum annuum var. glabriusculum. The wild relatives of most cultivated chiles, chiltepines are native to North America and are still found growing in southern Arizona and northern Mexico. The small fruits are very hot and have a wonderful sweet tartness.. In the wild, they are commonly found growing under the cover of nurse plants like hackberry or mesquite. They do best when those conditions are replicated. They prefer some shade and are frost sensitive; planting against a south facing wall can help create an ideal microclimate for the plants. They are perennials and will return in the spring if water is available. 

  • Planting Info

    Plant in a place that has some shade in the afternoon. Chiltepins can take the heat as long as they have water. In the heat of the summer they will take all the water they can get as long as they are well drained. We have a 4 foot tall chiltepin that is over 8 years old. In the winter they they will slow way down and die back to the ground if there is a hard freeze. Water well in the spring and it will bounce back to life. Will produce 2 to 3 crops a year.


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